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Infinite Password Generator is an utility to generate strong passwords
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Infinite Password Generator is an utility to generate strong passwords. Have you ever spent a lot of time making up a new password? That can be a time consuming task, specially when you have to remember a weird mix of numbers, letters and symbols.

Infinite Password Generator is a possible solution to create and remember hard to guess passwords. Even the goal is the same, the process is somehow different from other utilities. With Infinite Password Generator you need to write a Master Password and a Keyword. Then, the software automatically generates a unique password. But it's not a random password, you can recover the same password if you introduce again the same settings, the same Master Password and the same Keyword.

What are these settings? Well, you can select the set of characters you want to include in your password. The available options are: uppercase letters, lower case letters, numbers and symbols. You can also choose the minimum and maximum password length. Up to here everything is fine, you can create strong passwords mixing all kind of symbols.

But how safe is this method? Well, there are two cons I detected. First, you cannot rely exclusively on this utility. It's true that the password is unique and can be generated again but you need to remember what characters you included, the password minimum length, the password maximum length, the master password and the keyword. What happen if you forget any of these?

The author suggest to use as keyword the name of the site. For example, you have a master password “hard2guess” and you want to create a password for your hotmail account. You write “hotmail” as your keyword and a password is generated: “nbmFb51S”. In this example you're using all characters, including uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols and maximum and minimum password length are set to 8. After a week, you still remember your master password and all the settings, but you write “Hotmail” instead of “hotmail” and the unique password generated is “pvfN1E4y”. Of course that password won't work and you are in trouble.

The other weak point it's paradoxical. If someone knows that you are using this utility and have access to your Master Password, that person could try different combinations using the same program and because the password is not random, it's possible to generate the same password again. Specially if you use keywords like Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, Hi5, FaceBook, MySpace and so on.

As far as no one knows your Master Password you can generate safe passwords but it's not a safe method to remember that passwords. You still need a password manager to record them. Although, if you have a password manager like KeePass, PasswordAgent or any other capable of generating random passwords, you won't need this generator.

The program runs under Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista. The interface is only available in English. At first glance, you probably won't figure out the purpose of Master and Keyword input boxes. Although the program is easy to use once you have read the Help. The idea is interesting but you still need a password manager to save your generated passwords and remember not use common names as keywords.

Jose David Garcia
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