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Infinite Password Generator 3.1

Infinite Password Generator 3.1 is a wonderful software to generate passwords

Infinite Password Generator 3.1 is an utility that creates unlimited passwords for your day-to-day web usage, by using both a single 'Master Password' and a 'Keyword'. This utility blends several combinations of symbols, upper and lower case letters and numbers into a unique password each time you request and it also allows customization. This application uses the MD5 algorithm to guarantee the security of the 'Master Password' from being decoded. The logically used methods and the algorithms in the application ensures an odd aggregation of the characters to create a unique password. That will free you from worries about your passwords being decoded or hacked. This application is specially recommended for people that seriously wants to protect its privacy. The webmasters can take advantage of this application to generate a unique password for their websites. You can configure passwords for your E-Mail accounts. Infinite Password Generator 3.1 creates custom passwords to guard your various accounts and applications.

Prasanna Fadnis
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  • The application creates highly secured passwords
  • Easy-to-use
  • Freeware


  • Highly complicated passwords. You may permanently lose your account if you don't maintain the hard copy of your User-ID and Password
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